SoftMat Group News


May 2021

We welcome Clara García, new junior member of SOFTMATPOL group.

October 2020

New book on Crystallization by Dielectric Spectroscopy edited SOFTMATPOL and published by Springer.

March 2020

Hot Paper from SOFTMATPOL in Nature Materials. In collaboration with scientists from JW. Goethe-Universität, Milano University and DESY synchrotron, the crystallization of supercooled mixtures of argon and krypton are studied experimentally, theoretically and by simulation.

January 2020

Álvaro has obtained the award for the 'Best 2018-2019 PhD Thesis in Spain using synchrotron radiation' sponsored by the Spanish Asociation of Users of Synchrotron (AUSE). He has received the award at the Ause 2019 Meeting celebrated in Barcelona (October 8th-10th 2019) where he has delivered an invited talk.

November 2019

Aurora Nogales was invited to participate in the meeting 'Polymers at the Nanoscale' organized by Drs Rodney Priestley, Daniele Cangialosi and Simone Napolitano. The meeting took place at Princeton University from 31-Oct to 2 November.

December 2018 The fourth "NANO meets SOFT Meeting" of the Softmatpol group will be held in the Conference Room of Serrano 121, on December 14th. Program on clicking the image
November 2018 Softmatgroup members attended the 31st aniversary of the participation of Spain in the ILL neutron source.
December 2017 'Nano meets soft III' Winter Meeting of SOFTMATPOL. Program here
October 2017 The “VIII AUSE Congress and III ALBA User's Meeting” will take place at the CSIC campus in Madrid from October 9-11, 2017. The Conference has been organized by Mari Cruz García-Gutiérrez, President of the Spanish Synchrotron User Association (AUSE), in collaboration with ALBA synchrotron.
September 2017 Congratulations to the new Dr, Álvaro Rodríguez for his brilliant defense of the thesis work.
September 2017 The pHD Defense of Alvaro Rodríguez will take place at 11.00pm on September 22, 2017 at the 'Sala de Grados (Edif D. )de la Facultad de Química' UCM.
March 2017

SOFTMATPOL has moved and the new labs are now up and running.

December 2016 'Nano meets soft II' Winter Meeting of SOFTMATPOL. Program here
November 2016 The pHD Defense of Jing Cui succesfully took place at 12.00pm on November 21, 2016 at the 'Sala de Grados de la Facultad de Física' UCM. Congratulations to Jing
June 2016 A special section on Application of Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science has been published in Volume 81 of European Polymer Journal. The Guest Editors of this issue are Mari Cruz García, Aurora Nogales and Tiberio Ezquerra.
December 2015 Interview to Mari Cruz, President of the Spanish Association of Synchrotron Users, in the Alba News Magazine.
December 2015 The feature article Laser induced periodic surface structures on polymer films: From fundamentals to applications by Tiberio in colaboration with Esther Rebollar and Marta Castillejo from LANAMAP group at IQFR-CSIC has been selected as covered picture of the month in European Polymer Journal.
18/12/2015 'Nano meets soft' Winter Meeting of SOFTMATPOL. Program here

The article 'Are polymers glassier upon confinement?' by Dani and Aurora, in colaboration with Simone Napolitano, has been selected as cover picture in Soft Matter.

Alvaro wins the Prize to the Best Poster at the Spanish Synchrotron Ratiation Users Meeting in Barcelona


SOFMATPOL group will host the next meeting on Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science, in Madrid from 6-10 September 2015

Dani has successfully defended his thesis,supervised by Aurora and Alejandro. Congratulation to Dani and to all the group.

Nacho has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulation to the new doctor of the group.


2013 Winter Soft Matter Group Meeting Program


Meeting SOFTMATPOL-Tech. Program


Nacho, Mari Cruz and former member of Softmatpol Jaime Hernández, at the front page of Alba News. Mari Cruz has been elected as the President of the Spanish Association of Synchrotron Users (AUSE)


2013 Spring Soft Matter Group Meeting. Program


Nacho wins the price to the Best Contribution at the 'VII Congreso de Jovenes Investigadores en Polímeros' celebrated in Menorca, 26-30 May 2013


2012 Winter Soft Matter Group Meeting. Program

Softmatpol Group contribution to the outreach activity "Semana de la Ciencia 2012". "La Materia Condensada Blanda, tu día a día, acaso no lo sabías"


Participation of Dr. Mari Cruz García in the The 4th European Synchrotron User Organization meeting.held at the Spanish Synchrotron Facility ALBA.


Participation of Dr Mari Cruz García in the 13th edition of Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2012) held at the Madrid.


Participation of D. Martinez Tong, Dr. Michela Soccio, Dr. Aurora Nogales and Prof. Tiberio A. Ezquerra in the VII Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) and its Applications held in Leipzig.


Participation of I. Martín Fabiani, Dr. A Nogales, Dr. Mari Cruz García and Prof. Tiberio A. Ezquerra in the 2012 Synchrotron Radiation and Polymer Science held in San Francisco. The next meeting of this series will be organized by our group in 2014 or 2015 (still to be decided)


Plenary lecture 'Assessment of nanofabricated structures on polymer thin films: scattering measurements at DESY light sources' by Tiberio A. Ezquerra at the HASYLAB USERS Meeting 2012


Contribution 'Dynamics of Weakly Segregated Block Copolymers Studied by XPCS at the Coherence Beamline P10' at the "Status and Perspectives of Small-angle scattering at DESY" satellite meeting of the HASYLAB USERS Meeting 2012 by Aurora Nogales


Winter Soft Matter Group Meeting


pHD student Daniel E. Martinez Tong presented an outreach contribution in the Semana de la Ciencia 2011, IEM. The material has been prepared by himself and by Dr. Jose Carlos Canalda.


Spring Soft Matter Group Meeting

Group Meeting June 2011
Visit to ALBA of Tiberio A. Ezquerra and M.C García, first contact with the beamlines
NCD beamline status


A patent based on a work carried out at the SOFTMAT group is presented by CSIC, together with other 32 technologies developed at this Institution, in the International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference celebrated in Japan, on Feb 16-18 2011. This meeting has been consolidated as the world's most important nanotechnology exhibition. This fact has been highlighted in the Revista de Plásticos Modernos.

Nanotech exhibition

Autumn Soft Matter Group Meeting

Group Meeting November 2010

Sixth International Conference on Dielectric Spectroscopy and Its Applications
Organized by the SoftMatGroup of the Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, and Chaired by Tiberio A. Ezquerra and Aurora Nogales, in Madrid


Talk: Effect of nano-additives on the crystallization of polymers after shear flow
Invited talk by Aurora Nogales at the Workshop on “POLYMER CRYSTALLIZATION UNDER CONDITIONS RELEVANT TO PROCESSING' to be held in Genova, 27-28 May, 2010


Dr. Juan López Valentín. Departamento de Química y Tecnología de Elastómeros. Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros (ICTP), CSIC.
Friday 12 de Marzo, 2010, 12:00, IEM, CSIC, Serrano 119, Room 215


Soft Matter Group meeting

Group Meeting February 2010
Feb-2010 Applications of Synchrotron Light to Scattering and Diffraction in Materials and Life Sciences, edited by three members of our group in collaboration with Prof. M. Gómez, has just been published by Springer

A microdiffraction study on the confinement effects in one-dimensional polymer arrays
Invited talk by M.C. García at the Soft Condensed Matter Parallel Session of the ESRF user meeting to be held in Grenoble, February 9-10th, 2010

'On the use of Carbon Nanotubes as templates for polymer crystallization'
Invited talk by Tiberio Ezquerra, at the Partnership in Soft Condensed Matter Workshop, to be held in Grenoble, December 17th-18th, 2009