Dr. Alejandro Sanz Parras

JAE-Doc Fellow

Soft and Polymeric Matter Group
Address: Serrano 121. 28006 Madrid Spain
Tlfn: (34)-(91)-5616800 ext 942415
asanz at iem.cfmac.csic.es


2008-present: JAE-doc contract at the macromolecular physics department (soft and polymeric soft condensed matter group), IEM, CSIC. Financial support from the CSIC.

2005 - 2008: Post-doctoral researcher in the Polymers & Microfluidics group of the Chemical Engineering Department (Imperial College London). Financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Science.

2004: Summer visitor at the Chemistry Department of the State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA). Working on Wide and Small x-ray scattering under the supervision of Professor B. S. Hsiao.

2002 - 2005: PhD in Polymer Physics at the Macromolecular Physics department of the Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (CSIC, Madrid, Spain) with Dr Tiberio Ezquerra and Dr Aurora Nogales. Title: "Nanostructure-Dynamics relationships in soft condensed matter: polymers versus low molecular weight compounds"

2001: Research grant at the Organic Chemistry Department of the Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid, Spain) supported by Eli & Lilly Company. Title of the project: "Development of new organic compounds with biological activity".

2000-2001: MSc Chemistry at the Chemical Physics department of the Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid, Spain). Title of the project: "Study of excimer formation on polymers by fluorescence spectroscopy".

1994-2000: BSc Chemistry (Licenciado en Quimica) by the Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid, Spain).


My research interests are dynamic processes in glass forming materials, such as low molecular weight liquids and amorphous or semi-crystalline polymers. Topics of interest are the glass transition and the interrelationship between the alpha and beta relaxations in amorphous polymers. On the other hand, I am interested in the role that crystalline lamella play on the dynamics of the remaining amorphous phase during the isothermal cold crystallization of polymers. The experimental techniques used for this purpose are the simultaneous combinations of scattering tools (x-ray and neutrons) with dielectric spectroscopy. My research project at the moment deals with the polymer dynamics under spatial nanoconfinemet. We are studying polymer dynamics at different time and length scales using neutron scattering techniques and relaxation spectroscopies (dielectric and mechanical). We seek to elucidate the dynamic consequences of nano-confinement of polymers using true nanocomposites, rather than thin polymer films. The addition of well-dispersed nanoparticles closely mimics the effects of thin-film confinement (decreasing Tg with increasing nanofiller content or decreasing supported film thickness). This evidence suggests that nanoparticle confinement provides a unique opportunity to study confined polymer dynamics but, in contrast with thin films, does not suffer from scattering volume signal limitations, and therefore will allow an exploration of ALL fast and local dynamics.



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